Q: What is NanoStack ?

NanoStack is a pre-configured, ready to run image for running OpenStack Grizzly on Amazon EC2. OpenStack is one of the most popular Cloud Operating System but it is complicated to install and configure. NanoStack removes the complexity and makes it easy for everyone to experiment with OpenStack.

Q: Is NanoStack free ?

The NanoStack is offered as a paid AMI. Please refer to the product page for the price.

Q: Can I run NanoStack on a micro instance ?

It’s not practical to run NanoStack on anything smaller than a Medium instance. You can launch several Cirros VMs in a Medium instance. If you want to launch a few Ubuntu VMs, an even larger instance should be used; otherwise, launching VM may fail because of lack of resources.

Q: Which of the OpenStack services is available in NanoStack ?

The NanoStack is pre-configured with Keystone, Glance, Nova, Cinder, Quantum (Open VSwitch) and Horizon.

Q: How do I start using NanoStack ?

Just launch an instance from NanoStack AMI. When the instance is running, you can use SSH to connect to the instance. Please connect to “ubuntu” user.

Q: I cannot log in to my instance, why ?

Make sure you use the right key pair. The user name is “ubuntu”, not “root”.

Q: What can I do after I have connected through SSH ?

All OpenStack cli should work. You can try “nova image-list” and it should list two default images stored in glance. Please refer to OpenStack Documentation. You can type “nova help” and get a list of nova cli command.

Q: Can I use NanoStack for production ?

It depends. NanoStack is an all-in-one OpenStack installation. Most people will want to use OpenStack with many nodes for their production environment. NanoStack is more like a sandbox for OpenStack. However, it does have all the functionality so you can use it for production if you choose to.  Another consideration is that EC2 instance doesn’t support hardware assisted virtualization, VMs running on NanoStack may incur higher overhead. Although there is no difference in functionality, performance may suffer. Again, it depends on what you use the VMs for. We are working on alternative solutions that will provide OpenStack solutions suitable for production environment.

Q: How do I get help ?

The best way to get support is to ask your questions in our forums. We will try to answer questions within 24 hours from Monday to Friday.

Q: How do I enable Web Interface (Horizon) ?

For security reason, port 80 is not enabled by default. In order to use Horizon, port 80 should be enabled in the security group. If you need access to VM consoles through browser, port 6080 should be enabled too. The url for Horizon is http://{ec2 public dns name}/horizon. The initial login for Horizon is admin/secrete. Please remember to change the password in Horizon after the initial login. To continue use the OpenStack CLI, you need to update the environment variable with new password. You can also edit ~/openrc and update the password so new password will be set automatically after every log in.

export OS_PASSWORD=<new OpenStack password>

Q: Can I run NanoStack on my own hardware instead of EC2 ?

Not right now. If there are demands, we will offer it to run on your own hardware.


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